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What Is Biorestor /
BioSeal uses Biorestor - an environmentally friendly pavement rejuvenating seal product

The Biorestor product is a patented, 100% natural and agricultural-based product that has been laboratory-test and designed to protect new asphalt surfaces from the effects of oxidizing and aging, which result in raveling and cracking. Inevitably, raveled and cracked asphalt will disintegrate requiring expensive replacement. Biorestor is especially effective on new asphalt in that it adds oils and polymers to the top 1/2 “ of pavement improving penetration, viscosity, stability and flexibility – restoring asphalt to near its original performance condition.

Traditional sealants are opaque in nature and typically sit on the surface of asphalt. As a result, friction values are substantially reduced over time even with the addition of aggregates and re-striping of traffic control lines is necessary. Since BioSeal’s product Biorestor is only mildly opaque (cloudy at best), traffic control lines are still very visible after treatment. BioSeal's product "penetrates" the surface rather than "coating" the surface and as a result, applications do not build up as layers. This makes the Biorestor forumla, the first suitable application for municipal streets and high-speed roadways where traction is a must and limited down time after treatment is desired. Biorestor cures in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

No sand is required since BioSeal's product penetrates into the pavement causing little or no friction value change. This postpones or may completely eliminate the need for chip seal applications that can cause chipped paint or cracked windshields and is a much more inconvenient application with regards to downtime.

  • Prevents and can reverse harmful oxidation factors from your asphalt pavements
  • Clear and does not effect pavement markings
  • Penetrates and cures in 15-30 minutes (minimal road closure)
  • 100% bio based, agricultural oils (no imports)
  • Environmentally friendly and no harmful runoff (keeps out water by as much as 50%)
  • Laboratory age testing (5 years) shows up to 45% improved test results
  • Reduces age hardening of binder resulting in extended life
  • Reduces the effects of age hardening and oxidation resulting in extended life
  • Treat every 3-5 years to indefinitely extend pavement life
  • Patented
BioSeal application of Biorestor on Park District Asphalt
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BioSeal's process reduces the amount of time a road or parking area needs to be closed. The material is completely dry in 15-30 minutes given favorable weather. When a quick cure time is important, our product allows traffic to move with little disruption.
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