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How BioSeal Works /
Bioseal penetrates and protects asphalt to prevent future damage
30 years ago, asphalt cement was the lowest-priced product produced by refineries. Today's refineries have become very good at extracting value from the crude oil it refines. Asphalt cement has now reached price levels comparable to the fuels they produce. In the year 2000 the value of asphalt cement was $150.00 per liquid ton. In 2008, that same ton of asphalt cement was roughly $700.00. That brings the cost of the asphalt cement in 1 square yard 1 1/2" thick from $0.75 in 2000 to $3.50 in 2008.

While these costs have somewhat leveled off in the last several years, it is imperative to note that pavement costs are directly related to crude oil. As the price of crude oil goes up, so does the cost asphalt cement.

Another significant characteristic of asphalt today is its quality compared to that of the same product 30 years ago. Many factors have contributed to this, but the end result is asphalt isn't as strong as it was years ago. Compounding this fact today's asphalt cements show a significant loss of value in viscosity and penetration as soon as they are mixed and before they are even delivered to a project site. Over 50% of the penetration value has been lost in this mixing process. This hardening effect of the asphalt cement affects the flexibility of the road system and results in inferior performance. New Federal Highway design specifies asphalt cement performance requirements for highway work that require the addition of polymers which will help with high traffic demands and longer performance.

BioSeal's product Biorestor adds agricultural oils and polymers to the asphalt cement in the top 1/2" of the pavement. This top layer is where the oxidation process starts. And where Water and UV begins the process that result in loss of flexibility resulting in surface ravel and cracking. Biorestor essentially pauses this process and dramatically increases the lifespan of asphalt surfaces.

How BioSeal's product works on asphalt
  • Biorestor reduces surface cracking by 60% over a 5 year period
  • Biorestor product REVERSES oxidation
  • Biorestor improves impermeability of the asphalt
  • Biorestor product does not require re-striping after application
  • Biorestor dramatically increases the lifespan of asphalt
  • Laboratory tests show Biorestor improved penetration value of treated binder, an improved viscosity value of the treated binder as well as an improved Marshall stability value of compacted mix
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