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Eco-Friendly Sealcoating Alternative /
BioSeal uses a safe 100% agriculturally-engineered asphalt sealant
Biorestor has earned the United States Department of Agriculture's BioPreferred™ status, a federally-managed program that promotes purchase of renewable, sustainable, bio-based products.

BioSeals' product - Biorestor is made from 100% agricultural oils. In addition to being an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt pavement sealant, Biorestor leaves a polymer residue to offer superior protection to the asphalt binder from oxidation and eventual deterioration.

Most traditional surface sealers and or rejuvenators are petroleum-based or coal-tar derived. These products have, to some degree, been classified as carcinogenic. Some of these are mild and others have a much higher degree of carcinogenic concern. Areas of the country have outlawed the use of or are discussing eliminating coal-tar/petroleum based sealants altogether. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (referred to as PAH's) is an emitted substance from coal tar and asphalt products and has been a growing concern over the past 10 years as this residue has become a more common and higher level pollutant in our water and soil. BioSeal's product is made of soybean oil which virtually eliminates possibility of harmful runoff into our streams, lakes and water supply.

Being an agriculturally-based alternative to traditional sealcoating material, BioSeal's product helps reduce our dependence on petroleum and foreign imports.

BioSeal also makes protecting your asphalt less harmful to pets and children. While the dark color of a freshly treated surface using traditional sealants is attractive to a certain degree, it also dramatically increases pavement's temperature as the darker shades attract the sun's rays. This can make surfaces extremely hot and dangerous for children and pets. BioSeal's process leaves asphalt protected, but only slightly darker than non-sealed asphalt surfaces leaving it much safer to the touch in the hot summer sun and not contribute to the heat island effect.
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