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Benefits of Using BioSeal /
Biorestor works effectively in preserving asphalt. And its good for the environment
Biorestor is an asphalt rejuvenator seal product that goes above and beyond at traditional sealants and rejuvenators have to offer. As Biorestor ages you will see no wearing off of the black color. This will give you the same appearance through its entire life. It is virtually clear - only darkening the pavement slightly – BioSeal’s application will not require re-striping once complete.

Rather than sitting on top of the asphalt, BioSeal's product penetrates the asphalt effectively preserving the binder in a manner that will not wear off. This will help prevent raveling and rutting as well as prevent oxidation by water air and UV.

Heat-Island Effect

The Heat-Island effect is essentially Dark-dense colors attracting sunlight and retaining a higher amount of heat for long periods of time. Concrete and lighter-colored and or aged asphalt pavement with its naturally lighter aggregate colors are ideal in their resistance of heat absorption. BioSeal's application will leave asphalt surfaces lighter AND protected significantly lowering temperatures during hot seasons. This makes Biorestor ideal for institutions, park districts, schools and other asphalt applications that cater to children and pets.

Additionally, the National Ready Mix Concrete Association notes that lighter materials will in effect reduce the Heat Island Effect and lower air conditioning costs by as much as 8-12% while lowering the intensity of air pollution and diverting heat-related health issues.

BioSeal’s product - Biorestor is made from 100% agricultural oils. In addition to being an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt pavement sealants, Biorestor leaves a polymer residue to offer superior protection to the asphalt binder from oxidation and eventual deterioration.
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