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BioSeal's application of Biorestor is the perfect solution for protecting and rejuvenating asphalt surfaces

Reverse Oxidation

Biorestor is a uniquely formulated sealant and preservation agent comprised of 100% agricultural oils. It is designed to reverse the oxidation process of pavement as well as to give the pavement's surface a more impermeable layer to prevent further oxidation. Moisture permeability is the principal cause of cracking, potholing and ultimate pavement deterioration. The sealant and preservation agent's chemistry penetrates into the asphalt matrix reducing the moisture penetration. The all-natural oils present help reverse asphalt oxidation in older asphalt pavements and prevent oxidation from occurring on new pavements.

Improved Impermeability
All asphalt mixes for parking lots, city streets, county roads, airport runways, airport taxiways, and airport parking aprons will be given improved impermeability as well as a reversal of some of the oxidation forces that have started. Due to the sealant and preservation agent's concentrated form it is applied in very light application rates with specially designed spray equipment.

Re-stripping not Required
The sealant and preservation agent provides a seal without harming pavement stripping so re-stripping is not required and dries at the surface to allow traffic back on the pavement in less than 30 minutes but continues to work within the asphalt below for several weeks until the entire restorative process is complete.

Laboratory Tested
BioSeal's product Biorestor has been laboratory tested and proven to reduce the effects of oxidation and age hardening of asphalt binders resulting in extended life of the pavement. The results were as follows:

  • 29% improved penetration value of the treated binder
  • 45% improved viscosity value of the treated binder
  • 17% improved Marshal stability value of compacted mix
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