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Over 40 years of asphalt experience and armed with a revolutionary new product.
Most consumers with asphalt parking lots, driveways and municipalities with paved streets understand the importance of asphalt maintenance. A key factor in maintaining the appearance and longevity of pavement is and forever will be preventative maintenance. In addition to keeping the appearance of asphalt looking like new, a proactive surface treatment regimen significantly extends the life of your asphalt far beyond non treated asphalt surfaces. Perhaps most importantly, prolonging the life of your asphalt indefinitely via a periodic Biorestor application saves consumers and municipalities money that would be necessary to replace paved surfaces.

While substantially beneficial in the long run, traditional sealants and rejuvenators are not without flaw. Among them are carcinogens, skin irritations and dependence on foreign oil. Additionally, surface temperature dramatically increases as the pavement is darkened with traditional sealants, attracting the suns rays and making it potentially harmful to children and pets. Application of traditional sealants and rejuvenators causes substantial downtime, requires messy sand applications and can experience material “tracking”. And with oil prices steadily rising over the last decade, so has the cost of products dependant on the petroleum industry.

Much has changed in the asphalt industry over the last 30 years, but relatively little has changed to the materials companies use to protect asphalt. BioSeal intends to change that. Based in the Chicagoland are, we utilize the patented formula Biorestor - a pavement rejuvenating sealant made from 100% bio-based agricultural oils processed and made right here in the United States. This allows us to provide all the traditional benefits of  asphalt preservation without the harmful and annoying effects of traditional sealants. Our crew is professional, clean and knowledgeable with over 40 years in the asphalt maintenance industry.

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