Biorestor is an environmentally safe, cost effective soy-based product with proven performance and an alternative to traditional sealants and rejuvenators which contain petroleum carcinogens. Learn More     
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Learn about the BioSeal company and how we are revolutionizing the asphalt protection industry.
Learn About BioSeal
Learn about BioSeal's revolutionary new product Biorestor and how it works to penetrate, protect and preserve
How BioSeal Works
View photos of BioSeal applications ranging from highways to parking lots and rural roadways
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"BioSeal used a superior product and exceeded our expectations" - Lewis K., Midlothian IL
BioSeal Is Environmentally FriendlySafe for the environment
Made from 100% agricultural oils, Biorestor is eco-friendly.
BioSeal SpecificationsBioSeal Specifications
Learn about BioSeal's application specifications and about the formula Biorestor; a soy-based sealant
What Is BioSeal?Pentrates & Protects
BioSeal's product Biorestor penetrates the surface and protects asphalt from the inside.
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BioSeal application of Biorestor on Park District Parking Lot
Biorestor can be applied on a wide range of asphalt surfaces.
Biorestor is better for your asphalt /
Penetrating, protecting and restoring asphalt pavement from the inside.
Based in chicagoland we utilize the patented formula Biorestor - a pavement rejuvenating sealant made from 100% bio-based agricultural oils processed and made right here in the United States. This allows us to provide all the traditional benefits of asphalt preservation without the harmful and annoying effects of a traditional sealants. Our crew is professional, clean and knowledgeable with over 40 years in the asphalt maintenance industry.

Does Biorestor work? In a word. Yes. In more words, very well. The BioSeal application fully penetrates and cures in as little as 15-30 minutes. It is only mildly opaque and as a result, line striping is still visible after treatment. In extended laboratory testing, biorestor has shown up to a 45% improvement in reducing the effects of oxidizing and aging which can cause raveling and cracking. Being made of 100% agricultural oils, its environmentally friendly and creates no harmful runoff into rivers, lakes and the water supply.